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As the former CEO of Chopper City Records, Carol A. Dorsey has become a driving force in Hip Hop/R&B music plus all the way to the mid-west to be reckoned with.   Opening up the doors to the record label that has house her nephew, Christopher Dorsey aka B.G. (former member of the Hotboys under Cashmoney Records), the other Co-CEO of the label, the two have become synonymous with success of the Rap music from the south to the mid-west to the east coast.

Based out of New Orleans, Louisiana, Carol Dorsey and her nephew incorporated their label in 2001 while BG was in the midst of transition from his former click The Cash Money Millionaires.  Within the ten years of the company’s existence, they have since achieved tremendous goals.  To date, Ms. Dorsey’s Executive Produced seven successful albums independently, which were BG “Living Legend” sold 295,000 & counting; “Life After Cashmoney” sold 298,000 & counting; “Heart of The Streets Vol. 1&2 sold well over 600.000 copies together & counting; “Too Hood  To Be Hollywood” dropped in December 2009 under Atlantic Records selling over 250,000 & counting; BG & The Chopper City Boyz “We Got This” has made a mark for Ms. Dorsey 1st Rap Group her and BG developed from the ground up to sales over 100,000 & counting.  That will not be erased!!!  Last but not least “Life in the Concrete Jungle” a Mixtape to re-introduce the Chopper City Boyz sold more than 75,000 & counting. Chopper City Records has had Major labels deals with Atlantic Records, Warner Bros., Koch Records and E One Entertainment.

 “It was a blessing to be able to grow and learn this business alongside with my nephew Christopher Dorsey aka BG.”  Ms. Dorsey learned the music business from the basement to the penthouse-stopping at all floors in between in order to master details of the business that lived on each level.   Maximizing the business strategy and earning potential through effective marketing and promotions is the key points in branding your name as artist as well as your independent label.

What’s next for Ms. Dorsey after parting ways with her nephew to do something different in this music business!!!  The grand opening of Madd Money Entertainment, which opened in January 2010 and continues to grow at a rapid pace in all areas of entertainment.  The management firm has represented as well as develops artists, djs, models, producers & also labels development and helping to position them to be a part of the music industry in the top 20 billboard’s major or independent.   Being a part of this firm will help them reach the next level in this music, club, radio, and merchandise & film industry and to encourage them to reach for the stars.   As artists, models, djs, producers, actors, actresses to ….CONTINUE READING BY HITTING BUTTON

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